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This digital home office checklist is perfect for organizing your work day. Easily add your own tasks to the list and make your own personal checklist!

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Product Details

  • 3 PDF files in Blue, Pink & Yellow

Each PDF file contains:

  • 4 separate categories
  • 28 checkable boxes, usable on any device

All checklists can be printed on both A4 and US letter size paper. No resizing or adjusting necessary. Just download and print!

Advantages of This Digital Checklist:

  1. Instant download. Don’t worry about shipping delays
  2. Easy to print in your own home.
  3. You don’t have to visit a specialty store.
  4. You can choose from 3 beautiful colors.
  5. Stay organized on any device.
  6. Environmentally friendly, since you only print what you need or use digitally.

A complete list of Checkable Boxes:

  1. Essentials
    • Shower
    • Go for a walk
    • Talk to a colleague
    • Talk to a friend or family member
    • Clean workspace
    • Take breaks
    • Eat and stay hydrated
  2. Before Work
    • Get dressed
    • Wash your face
    • Brush your teeth
    • Comb your hair
    • Make breakfast
    • Have some coffee / tea
    • Make time for yourself
  3. Workday
    • Remove distractions
    • Get organized
    • Write a to-do list
    • Walk and stretch regularly
    • Get some fresh air
    • Take a lunch break
    • No overtime
  4. After Work
    • Put “office” away
    • Get some exercise
    • Do some chores
    • Socialize
    • Relax
    • Make time for yourself
    • Have dinner

About the Creators

Authors Ryne Cook and Denise Braun from He Said or She Said This product was originally created by Ryne and Denise Cook and is protected by international copyright laws. If you see this product anywhere other than in the Official He Said or She Said Shop, in our Etsy Shop or in our Creative Market shop, please contact us immediately.

2 reviews for Digital Home Office Checklist

  1. Daniel

    Not only good for home office, but also for staying organized in general. I’ll be back for more downloads.

  2. Etsy User

    This has helped me feel more organized and be more productive while also helping me make more time for myself. I actually don’t work from home, but this still applies to working at work! It’s a wonderful checklist.
    This review was left on Etsy.

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