Instagram Reels End Frame Templates | Fully Customizable

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23 Reels End Frame Templates to give your Instagram Reels a beautiful unique touch and maintain brand awareness! Also useful for TikTok or YouTube Shorts!

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Product Details

  • 1 PDF user guide with simple instructions and a link to 23 Reel end frame templates
  • 8 animated templates and 15 static templates
  • Helps you end your reels on a high note
  • Helps you maximize user engagement
  • Increases brand-awareness
  • Instant growth in all vital metrics
  • Watermarks your videos with your brand

These beautiful Reel end frame templates are super easy to use with the free browser-based tool Canva. Reel end frames are vital for maximizing engagement.

How to Use:

  1. You will receive a PDF with a link to the templates, which will open the free design tool Canva.
  2. Here, you can easily add your own videos and images as well as edit anything you want – the sky is the limit!
  3. Once finished, just download your design and upload your awesome reel to Instagram!
  4. NOTE: these templates are also ideal for your Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins and Idea Pins or even for your TikTok videos!

About the Creators

Authors Ryne Cook and Denise Braun from He Said or She Said This product was originally created by Ryne and Denise Cook and is protected by international copyright laws. If you see this product anywhere other than in the Official He Said or She Said Shop, in our Etsy Shop or in our Creative Market shop, please contact us immediately.

2 reviews for Instagram Reels End Frame Templates | Fully Customizable

  1. Taylor

    There’s a perfect end frame for every one or my reels. 😍

  2. Kayla

    My friends reels always looked better than mine. Not now muahaha😈

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