Instagram Bio Link Landing Page Template

Instagram Bio Link Landing Page Teaser

Product Details

  • 1 ZIP folder with 4 files

Included Files:

  • 1 PDF: Easy user guide with pictures (no programming knowledge necessary)
  • Text document with HTML code for layout and links
  • Text document with CSS code for colors and style
  • 1 PDF with links to the featured image templates displayed on the sample page

You don’t have to use WordPress to benefit from this template. The HTML and CSS will work with any website host that lets you edit these aspects.

What’s in the User Guide?

  • How to create your own landing page in WordPress (As easy as COPY and PASTE!)
  • How to easily edit, add & remove your links
  • How to change the colors of your buttons, links and other styles

LIVE EXAMPLE – Click the link in our profile.

Advantages of Having Your Own Instagram Landing Page:

  1. Cut out the middleman
  2. Drive all Instagram traffic directly to your website
  3. Increase monthly visitors to your website
  4. Decrease bounce rate & improve rankings, as many visitors will visit two pages on your website instead of just one
  5. Keep total control over colors, design and links
  6. Feature as many links as you want

About the Creators

Authors Ryne Cook and Denise Braun from He Said or She Said

This product was originally created by Ryne and Denise Cook and is protected by international copyright laws. If you see this product anywhere other than on the He Said or She Said website or in the He Said or She Said Etsy Shop, please contact us immediately.


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