Photography Services

Benefit from high-quality photos for use across all your social platforms, in any digital form and printed in any form you like. We have developed an excellent eye for perfectly arranged shots that immediately grab the viewer’s attention.

Prices include photography fee (content creation price) and licensing fee* (usage price) for six months of full commercial use.

Single Photo, Retouched

Receive a high-quality image with your products including an eye-catching retouch that evokes the wow-effect.

Single Photo in RAW Format

Receive a high-quality image in its raw format that you can retouch in your own style.

10 Photo Bundle, Retouched (Best Value!)

Benefit from a variety of high-quality retouched images to show off your product in multiple amazing ways.

10 Photo Bundle in RAW Format

Benefit from a variety of high-quality raw images to show off your products in your own unique style.

*Extended licensing available upon request.

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Instagram Collaborations

Get your brand in front of thousands of people in your target audience. Benefit from the most valuable types of advertisement: niche marketing and influencer marketing.


High-quality image with your product that will reach thousands of people in your target audience, resulting in long-term brand awareness.

Story (series)

Detailed insight into the benefits of your product including a direct link to your website that will be seen by hundreds of people.

Post + Story

Double your brand awareness and send even more people in your niche directly to your website.


Scroll-stopping 4k video* that shows your product in action. An eye-catcher for thousands of viewers.

Reel + Story (Best Value!)

Get maximum reach in your niche with a reel + story bundle package.

*Licensing available upon request.

What We Look for in a Collaboration

Building and maintaining trust with a social community is hard work. We have a responsibility to our community to keep our content fresh, engaging and authentic. A collaboration should provide real value to our community. Here are some basic considerations:

  • Is your product/service sustainably produced/operated?
  • Does your product/service encourage sustainability or a reduced environmental impact?
  • Does your company/organization adhere to high moral standards?
  • Is your product/service relevant to our community?

Promote Your Business to Your Target Audience

Collab with us if you’re looking for the following:

  1. Content and product reach to more than 19,000 highly engaged followers and readers
  2. Promotion of your content and products through our channels for significant results
  3. Authentic travel bloggers who are excited to promote your business and ideas

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Are our Services Right for You?

We work with big companies and small companies. Our prices are fair and our services provide your business with tons of value. Here are a few of the businesses and non-profits we’ve worked with recently.

Recent Partners

Jack Wolfskin is a well-established outdoor brand that is continuously improving their heavy emphasis on sustainability and environmentally-friendly solutions. They offer a wide-range of gear made from recycled materials and employ sustainable production practices throughout the product lifecycle. Not only are the products clean and fashionable, but they last for life.

The Gold Standard is one of the, if not the only, most effective carbon offset programs in existence. This non-profit organization not only verifies that your carbon offset spending goes to the right place, but also that the carbon offset projects do not harm the environment or local communities in the process. You can read our complete write-up, here: The Best Carbon Offset Program for Travelers

GlocalMe keeps travelers connected no matter where they are in the world through cooperation with a global system of cellular providers. This mobile internet solution has proven to be an invaluable resource for us while traveling and has even saved us loads on data costs.

Tesalate produces sand-repellent beach towels, so that sand stays where it belongs, on the beach. It may not feel like much, but every little bit counts when it comes to addressing the damaging impact that beach sand removal has on our environment.

Got Bag produces backpacks out of 100% recycled ocean plastic, which is removed directly from Indonesian coastal waters. Ocean plastic is a massive environmental problem that has gone unchecked for too long and Got Bag has found a practical way to turn this trash into sustainable treasure.

Roadsurfer is a vehicle rental company that specializes in camper vans and small campers. They offset every kilometer driven by their customers and only provide the most fuel efficient options in order to keep their carbon footprint as close to zero as possible.

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