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When we’re on the road with a camper van, we typically do what’s referred to as “wild camping”. That means, we find a secluded spot out in nature or a parking spot where we just park the van for the night and leave the next morning whenever we feel like it. While this free option offers a certain degree of flexibility, it also creates stressful situations which could be avoided by staying at a campground. However, campgrounds can be pricey. So should you pick a free spot on the side of the road and hope you don’t run into any problems or pay a hefty price for a full-service campground? Luckily, roadsurfer spots give you an excellent third option. Here are 7 reasons why we recommend using roadsurfer spots for your next camper trip:

1. Convenience

We ran into some problems while wild camping on a recent trip. After a terribly long day that put us 3 hours behind schedule, we just wanted to get to the wild camping spot that we had picked out in advance. It was cold, rainy, late and we were really hungry. Upon arrival, we discovered that the spot we chose was now a construction site that we couldn’t access. We spent another hour searching for a new spot before just parking at a turn out on the side of the road somewhere and feeling uncomfortable all night as cars went out of there way to drive up to our van and shine their lights on it before driving away very slowly. Needless to say, we wished we had booked a roadsurfer spot for that night because we would have had a guaranteed place to park, that offers a good night’s sleep.

2. Comfort

In addition to the convenience of knowing exactly where you’ll be and having a reserved spot, many roadsurfer spots offer added amenities such as toilets, showers, electrical hookups, fresh water, dump stations, garbage disposal and even WiFi! We experienced this first hand when we stayed at the Camper Area la Tallada in Spain. The booking process was easy and the host was very friendly and helpful. Not to mention, all of the above-listed amenities were available to us at no extra cost.

Camper Area La Tallada

3. Security

Camping is not inherently dangerous, but it’s not unheard of for people to have run-ins with the law, unruly locals or get stranded due to bad weather when wild camping. A roadsurfer spot puts your mind at ease, as you are legally camping at a designated site on private property. Eat, sleep and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

4. Location

Another perk that comes with roadsurfer spots is the ideal locations. The best places to park your camper for the night used to be inaccessible. Now, roadsurfer spots have given landowners a way to open up their properties to campers, so that we can all benefit from the magnificent views and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. We enjoyed breathtaking views at the Montseny Natura spot, near Arbucies, Spain.

Montsenery Natura Campground in Spain

5. Local Interaction

One thing that campers often miss out on is interaction with the locals in the areas they’re visiting. Since roadsurfer spots are typically owned and operated by locals, you now have a perfect opportunity to share stories and make connections with the people who were born and raised in the places you’re traveling. We always enjoy talking with locals and learning from them. Our experiences at the previously mentioned spots were no different.

6. Meet Other Campers

When wild camping, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a place to stay, but there’s also no guarantee that there will be other people camping at the same spot. We always feel more comfortable when there’s at least one other camper around, but we also like chatting with other campers if the opportunity arises. This is much more likely when staying at a roadsurfer spot, as more and more people are realizing the benefits of doing so. By staying there, you have the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people from other walks of life.

7. Affordability

The final advantage in this list is affordability. Roadsurfer spots are often much cheaper than campgrounds, while offering many, if not all, of the same amenities offered by a traditional paid campground. If you can save money and receive the same, if not better, service, then why wouldn’t you? It’s an easy decision.

There are tons of reasons to choose a roadsurfer spot for your next trip, no matter which type of vehicle you’re traveling in (tip: you don’t have to rent a vehicle from Roadsurfer to book their spots!). We hope these 7 reasons that we listed will help you make informed decisions while planning your trip and put you one step closer to an amazing vacation. Oh and here’s a 10% discount off roadsurfer spots to get you started. 😉

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