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5 Reasons why you Should Travel with an Itinerary

Travel Itinerary Featured Image

Experienced travelers know that an itinerary is essential for staying organized during a trip. Here are 5 reasons you should use a travel itinerary too.

How to Get the Best Deals with Booking Portals

laptop coffee travel brochures

Finding the best deals on travel aren’t as easy as you may think. Learn the best tips from professional travelers and save huge on your next vacation!

Using ATMs Abroad | The Easiest Way to Lose (and Save) Money

Suspicious ATMs in Vietnam with images of money in the background

Don’t use ATMs abroad without reading this article first. We explain the clever tricks that ATM providers use to trick tourists and how you can get around them.

Is Buenos Aires Safe? | 2020 Tourist Safety Information

Our tour group in buenos aires

Everything you need to know about tourist safety in Buenos Aires in 2020. Learn the risks and how to prevent becoming victim to any type of crime.

Traveling in Costa Rica – Rent a Car or Take a Bus?

road in costa rica

Should you rent a car or take the bus in Costa Rica? We’ve got the answer and more in this short article.

Transportation in Germany: Best Ways to Travel

German Transportation - Train - Bus - Car

This short article covers transportation in Germany and the best ways to travel there. See the country in the most affordable ways, just like the locals!

Speed Limit in Germany | Everything You Need to Know

Car Driving on German Interstate

This short article details the speed limit in Germany and other rules of the road that drivers must know before driving or renting a car here.

The Rental Car Franchise Scam & Why We Will Never Rent a Car from Alamo

Rental Car - Avoid Scams

Learn about a new scam rental car companies are using to cheat you out of more money and how we fell into their trap.

Best Way to Avoid a Gas Station Scam in Mexico

Pumping Gas

Simple step-by-step process to keep you from getting scammed at a gas station in Mexico. Don’t get caught with your guard down.

Saving Money While Traveling on a Budget

Saving Money Traveling on a Budget

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Find out our secrets to cheap travel and enriching experiences, here!

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