Travel Scams

This category contains all of our articles on avoiding various travel scams that you may encounter. Some are more common than others, but you should always know which scams are out there and how to avoid them. Read our articles so that you can travel smarter and with more peace of mind.

The Rental Car Franchise Scam & Why We Will Never Rent a Car from Alamo

Rental Car - Avoid Scams

Learn about a new scam rental car companies are using to cheat you out of more money and how we fell into their trap.

Best Way to Avoid a Gas Station Scam in Mexico

Pumping Gas

Simple step-by-step process to keep you from getting scammed at a gas station in Mexico. Don’t get caught with your guard down.

Tourist Traps: How to Recognize and Avoid them

Nachos at Margaritaville, Las Vegas

We have all heard the term “tourist trap” but it is easier to get caught in one than you may expect. Even highly experienced travelers will get stuck in a tourist trap from time to time and in some scenarios, tourist traps are virtually unavoidable. However, there is definitely a difference between a tourist trap …

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