Top 5 All-Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica

Everyone has dreamed of a tropical escape at least once in their lifetime. If that’s you, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about Costa Rica’s finest resorts. Anyone looking for a tropical all-inclusive experience will not be disappointed by any of the top 5 in our list, which we have identified as the best that this Central American paradise has to offer. Check them out and become one with the Pura Vida lifestyle!

All prices and information is based on research from 2021 and is subject to change. We are not directly affiliated with any of the properties described in this article.

  • 1. Saladero Ecolodge

    Average Rating: 4.95/5 across multiple websites

    Price range: $250 – $400+ USD per night for 2 adults

    Why Saladero Ecolodge?

    This resort offers you the most unique Costa Rican experience possible without sacrificing sustainability.

    All-Inclusive and Amenity Highlights:

    • Located near the famous Corcovado National Park
    • All meals, snacks and select drinks included
    • Beachfront access and view from your room
    • Private beach for the resort
    • Free tours & courses
    • Kayaking & stand-up paddling
    • Snorkeling
    • Fishing
    • Free airport shuttle
    • Swimming pool
    • Family activities

  • 2. Dreams Las Mareas All Inclusive

    Average Rating: 4.5/5 across multiple websites

    Price Range: $320 – $820+ USD per night for 2 adults

    Why Dreams Las Mareas?

    Great views, live nightly entertainment and tons of activities make Dreams Las Mareas an easy choice for couples and families, alike.

    All-Inclusive and Amenity Highlights:

    • Unlimited food and drinks
    • Live nightly entertainment
    • Themed parties
    • Fully-stocked minibar in your room
    • Massive infinity pool on the beach
    • Adult-only options available
    • Family friendly options
    • 8 on-site restaurants with local and international cuisine
    • Stunning mountain and beach views
    • Located near the beautiful Guanacaste and Santa Rosa national parks

  • 3. Hacienda Barrigona

    Average Rating: 5/5 across multiple websites

    Price Range: ~$450+ USD per night for 2 adults

    Why Hacienda Barrigona?

    Enjoy a completely immersive experience in this “camouflaged” resort secluded in paradise.

    All-Inclusive and Amenity Highlights:

    • All meals included
    • Off-the-grid location in a blue zone
    • Yoga decks
    • Communal atmosphere
    • Beach access
    • On-site pool
    • Peaceful environment with no crowds
    • Remarkable hospitality

  • 4. Casa Conde Beach Front Hotel

    Average Rating: 4.7/5 across multiple websites

    Price Range: $485 – $670+ USD per night for 2 adults

    Why Casa Conde Beach Front Hotel?

    This resort offers the ultimate wellness experience, while making the guests truly feel at home in the picturesque coastal forest.

    All-Inclusive and Amenity Highlights:

    • All meals and drinks included
    • 3 on-site restaurants
    • 3 on-site bars
    • 2 pools + beach access
    • Ideal location near multiple national parks
    • Private Jacuzzi in every room

  • 5. Fiesta Resort All Inclusive Central Pacific

    Average Rating: 4/5 across multiple websites

    Price Range: $195 – $250+ per night for 2 adults

    Why Fiesta Resort All Inclusive Central Pacific?

    This family-friendly resort is located on a natural dark volcanic sand beach and offers nearly every activity you can imagine.

    All-Inclusive and Amenity Highlights:

    • Unlimited alcoholic beverages
    • 4 restaurants & 7 bars
    • Numerous activities, ranging from minigolf to tennis and everything in between
    • Supervised activities for kids ages 4-12
    • Teens club for kids ages 13-17
    • Fitness center
    • Private lookout pier
    • 4 outdoor swimming pools & whirlpools
    • Live entertainment and dance club
    • Perfect for company retreats

We absolutely loved our trip to Costa Rica and we’re confident you will too; especially if you choose one of these resorts. If you’re not quite convinced, then there’s no harm in shopping around. Check out more options with the booking tools below.

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