6 Reasons Why You Need a Media Kit to Land Collaborations

You’ve worked hard creating amazing content and building your online presence and now you’re ready to start collaborating professionally with renowned companies. Landing a collaboration can certainly be difficult, but it can also be easy; it all depends on what information you send to prospective collaboration partners and how you present it. This is where having a professional media kit comes in handy. Here are the 6 reasons why you must have a professional media kit template to land the best collaborations.

  1. Make it Easy for Companies

    Companies receive plenty of collaboration requests every day. They’re interested in collaborating with you, but they don’t have time to read long emails or tediously formatted documents. By using a media kit template, you will know what information they need and how to present it professionally. This makes it easy for you to just fill in the important information and automatically present it in a pleasing way. As a result, your media kit will quickly and easily show companies the value in working with you.

  2. Be Professional

    There are tons of templates out there. However, you need to be careful not to come across as unprofessional. Many templates are designed to please the buyer instead of the companies that receive them. Frilly designs and overly detailed styles will cause companies not to take you seriously. Therefore, make sure you always use a media kit template that displays professionalism through the use of the right colors, fonts and structure.

  3. Stand Out From the Crowd

    Nowadays standing out from the crowd is much easier achieved by adhering to minimalist designs rather than abstract designs. The internet is full of complex art and designs that make it hard for the brain focus on the right details. By adhering to a minimalistic design that is also easy on the eyes, you will present a professional media kit that stands out from the crowd. The right media kit template handles this task for you.

  4. Showcase Your Style

    Most people never learned how to design and don’t want to take the time to learn it now. This is totally understandable, as this process takes years. By using the right media kit template, you can still showcase your own unique style in an appealing way. Showing off your personal style is crucial for any collaboration and the best media kit template does exactly that.

  5. Make a Lasting Impression

    Standing out from the crowd is one thing, but making a lasting impression means you are more likely to get repeat offers at better rates. You can only make a lasting impression by presenting a media kit that has it all: easily-accessible information, a leading structure and a professional, minimalistic design. The right media kit template offers you all of this. The only thing you have to do is fill in your information.

  6. Be Organized

    Organization is a sign of professionalism and you can’t land a collaboration if your media kit is not well organized. This soft skill is indirectly showcased by the right template. A media kit template that is built around a certain structure that easily leads the reader through the packet will immediately convey your great organizational skills.

Where to Find a Professional Media Kit Template

Now that you know you need a professional media kit template, you may be wondering where you would even find one. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to hunt down the best templates and sift through pages of information trying to figure out if they meet the above criteria. We’ve put together a professional media kit template that’s helped us land recurring collaborations with big well-funded companies.

About the Authors

Authors Ryne Cook and Denise Braun from He Said or She Said

Ryne and Denise Cook: We have been creating content and building an online presence for quite some time. We have found that the best way to land professional collaborations is by using a well-structured and properly designed media kit. That’s why we always recommend using a professional media kit template.

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