5 Best Places to Visit in Germany After the Quarantine

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All of us are itching to step outside, get on the next train and explore a place that is different to where we’ve been stuck over the last weeks and months (or how it really feels, all of 2020). Due to this enormous change in our lives, many people have started to rethink travel. This rethinking has been caused by a few things: travel restrictions to foreign countries, the newly awoken appreciation of the beauty of our own country, the realization of how great the impact of sustainable travel can be and many more. The final result of rethinking travel is simple and obvious for many of us: Go on vacation in your own country this year. To make the search for the best places to visit in Germany much easier, we researched and came up with this list of the five best places to visit in Germany after the quarantine is over.

  • 1. Best Beach Vacation in Germany: Rügen Island

    In terms of beaches in Germany, there are many more choices than you might think. There are plenty of coastal towns and islands with beaches, but the island of Rügen has it all. Rügen is connected to the mainland by a causeway and a bridge which make it very easy to access. Since Rügen is Germany’s biggest island, there is also a lot to see and do. We’ve put together a handy little list to get you started:

    • Beautiful sandy beaches (e.g. Binz and Sellin)
    • Explore the very famous white chalk cliffs (UNESCO World Heritage)
    • Jasmund National Park with breathtaking viewpoints (King’s chair)
    • The historic reconstructed Seebrücke (pier) and icon of Rügen
    • Visit Bergen for panoramic ocean views
    • Sassnitz’s beech wood forest (UNESCO World Heritage)
    • Visit Kap Arkona for picturesque lighthouses

    To find out more, we recommend you to read the culture trip’s article on the Rügen islands.

  • 2. Best City to Visit in Germany: Berlin

    If you want to go on an authentic city trip, Berlin is THE city to visit in Germany. It is the largest city in Germany and home to many nationalities making it very lively and multicultural. However, Berlin is best known for its history regarding the second World War and the division of East and West Germany. We’ve written a detailed guide on all you need to know about Berlin where you can find all must-sees, advice on what to eat and many other insider tips.

  • 3. Best Nature Trip in Germany: The Black Forest

    Who has not heard of the famous Black Forest with its picturesque forested mountains? It’s no wonder the Black Forest is so famous, as it astonishes every visitor with breathtaking mountain views, delicious German food and beautiful hiking trails nestled in lush forests. In the middle of this region, the sunniest and warmest city in Germany, Freiburg, can be found. Freiburg is a beautiful old town surrounded by the Black Forest’s mesmerizing nature, offering an abundance of outdoor activities. Getting to Freiburg is very easy as it is the biggest city in the area. It is the perfect place for nature lovers. Read our travel guide for Freiburg and find out what all there is to do and what foods you must try.

  • 4. Best Medieval Region to Visit in Germany: The Eifel

    The Eifel is one of Germany’s most popular regions. This is because it is home to more than 1,000 medieval castles and, therefore, very famous among photographers. Many of these castles are very well maintained and depict the beauty of this time period. Moreover, many castles are not accessible by car, which is why there is an abundance of hiking trails leading to various castles tucked in the middle of gorgeous forested valleys and hills. One of the most famous castles is the Eltz castle which has become a bucket list destination for most travelers.

    We’ll be writing an extensive article about the Eifel eventually, but for now, we recommend reading through the official website of the Eifel to find out more.

  • 5. Best Mountain Vacation in Germany: Mittenwald, Bavaria

    We’ve been to almost every mountainous region in Germany and the region around Mittenwald has always remained our favorite. Mittenwald is located in the very south of Germany on the Austrian border and is tucked between the mountains of the Alps. This beautiful small town serves as the perfect base to explore immediate surroundings. Numerous trails and ski slopes are located within walking distance. Find out more about this beautiful mountain escape in our more detailed article about Mittenwald.

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Authors Ryne Cook and Denise Braun from He Said or She Said

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