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We have been traveling the world our entire lives; living with locals, learning from locals and laughing with locals wherever we go. Our experiences traveling as poor students and low-income professionals (often earning only one modest income between us) have led to our expertise in traveling on a budget. Striving to live like locals wherever we go means that we find the places and food that most tourists miss out on. With this blog, we provide new perspectives on destinations around the world to inspire would-be travelers and share insider tips to help everyone get the most out of their travel experiences.

5 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Aruba

At the Fisherman Huts

Picking the right resort can be exhausting. That’s why we found the best 5 all-inclusive resorts in Aruba so you can start relaxing, today!

12 Reasons Not to Visit Bali

Trashed beach in Bali

Bali is one of the most hyped destinations in the world. Travelers flock here for a cheap luxury vacation every year, but find a much different reality.

Patagonia Budget Travel Guide & Road Trip Itinerary

Hesaidorshesaid in Torres del Paine

A trip to Patagonia isn’t as easy to plan as you might think. This short travel guide gives you everything you need to know to have a great trip on a budget!

How and What to Pack for a World Trip | With Checklists!

hiking with full travel gear near machu picchu

Packing for a world trip requires you to make lots of sacrifices. We’ve listed all of the essentials and how to pack them, here!

The Perfect All Weather Shoes for Travel, Hiking & Style

Best Travel Shoes Jack Wolfskin

These stylish shoes are still good as new after 7 months of daily use in every possible weather condition and long hikes over every type of terrain!

5 Best Places to Visit in Germany After the Quarantine

Laacher See in the Eifel

Travelers are mostly keeping it local this year. If you’re in Germany, then you can’t miss these 5 destinations. Our list has something for everyone!

6 Free Amazing Things To Do in Puerto Viejo

Beach at Cahuita National Park by hesaidorshesaid

Puerto Viejo is a great place to explore Costa Rica’s Caribbean side with all its diverse wildlife and postcard beaches. There are many free things to do that will make you fall in love with the Caribbean coast!

How to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco for only $7.50

Ryne overlooking Machu Picchu by hesaidorshesaid

This is the ultimate guide to traveling on a budget to Machu Picchu! We found the absolute cheapest way to get you to this wonder of the world.

2 Best Things To Do Near Cripple Creek

View from the Cripple Creek Heritage Center

There’s so much to see around Cripple Creek apart from all the historic mining sites. Discover the 2 best places to see when in Cripple Creek!

5 Free Things to Do in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna by hesaidorshesaid

Unfortunately, La Fortuna has become a very expensive travel destination in Costa Rica. Its beautiful landscape including a volcano, waterfalls, hot springs, rainforest walks and many more, have become very popular over the last decade. Therefore, locals decided to raise prices to a point where backpackers and budget travelers cannot afford seeing this beautiful landmark …

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