The Perfect All Weather Shoes for Travel, Hiking & Style

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In September of 2019, we embarked on a 7-month trip around the world. Before going, however, we had lots of big decisions to make. We were determined to bring as little luggage as possible and, long story short, we succeeded! Our plan was to travel the world with only 10 kg each. As you may know, shoes play a huge role when packing and often add quite a bit of weight to your luggage, especially when you know you’ll need shoes for all types of weather and situations. Therefore, we went on a mission to find the best travel shoes for any situation. This was so important for us because we planned on going to cold places like Patagonia as well as very hot and humid places like Costa Rica. Furthermore, we were on a tight budget and needed shoes that are not too expensive, that are suitable for any weather conditions, sustainably produced and, ideally, stylish!

After lots of research and trying on multiple pairs, we finally found the perfect travel shoes! Here they are:
Best Travel Shoes Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin is a high-quality German brand that sells responsibly sourced and ethically produced outdoor clothing and footwear. This has quickly become one of our favorite brands because of the above-mentioned points and our own experiences with their products. Now back to the shoes.

This model has it all:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable
  • Stylish

These are just a few of the points that make this product so great. The real question, however, is how do these shoes hold up in real life situations? Well, as mentioned, these were our only shoes during a 7-month jaunt around the world, so we were able to put them to the test in every possible way. Check it out:

Putting Them to the Test

Weather: How These Shoes Hold Up

The model we’re displaying is actually newer than the model we bought (which has since been discontinued). We were already thrilled with what we had, but Jack Wolfskin improved it even more, which we didn’t even think was possible! These shoes kept us dry and comfortable throughout our entire trip. To give you an idea of the various climates they sustain, here’s a list of countries we visited and climates we experienced: Western USA (Fall), Mexico (Summer), Costa Rica (wet season), Peru (Spring), Argentina (Summer in Buenos Aires and Winter conditions in Patagonia), Chile (Summer in Santiago and Winter conditions in Patagonia), New Zealand (Summer), Australia (Summer and wet season), Indonesia (wet season), Vietnam (dry season) and Malaysia (dry season). We did hikes in each of these countries and are still hiking with these shoes in Germany now that we’ve returned, but we’ll cover more details on how they withstand various hiking trails in the next section.

Hiking: Flexibility, Toughness and Comfort

It was extremely important to us to buy shoes that we can hike in for an entire day and keep our feet dry, regardless of the trail conditions. There is nothing worse than having wet feet. When it comes to keeping moisture out, you normally have to sacrifice breathability, flexibility and comfort. We knew that we would not only be hiking in cold and wet conditions, but also over rough and dry terrains in hotter climates, so we just couldn’t afford to sacrifice on any of these points.

Enter Jack Wolfskin’s patented Texapore technology. The Texapore membrane keeps your feet dry by preventing moisture penetration from the outside while regulating temperatures on the inside, letting your feet breathe when it’s too hot. In that regard, we were always perfectly happy with our shoes. Walking for hours on strenuous 20 km hikes was easy and comfortable. There were even times when we had to walk through puddles of water and the moisture still didn’t get in.

It also didn’t matter if we were walking on jagged rocks or slippery slopes, the soles remained flexible enough to adapt to the texture of the surface and provided enough traction to give us peace of mind anywhere.

Style: How do they look in everyday situations?

The best thing about their looks is that we never feel awkward wearing them in the city or going out to eat because they look just like normal sneakers! Nobody will notice you’re actually wearing hiking shoes. This model is currently available in two color variations, red and gray. The color accents also vary between the men’s and women’s models, so be sure to follow our links and see which color works best for you!

Durability: Made to Last

We wore our shoes almost every day for 7 months and they are just as good today as on day one. They are neither wore down nor do they look beaten up. As we mentioned, we put these shoes through the ultimate durability test. We’ve worn them for countless hours and in every type of weather conditions imaginable. It is safe to say that we highly recommend these as the perfect all weather shoes for travel, hiking and style!

Where to Buy

The best way to buy these shoes is to order them online directly from Jack Wolfskin. If you want to try on a few different sizes, then Jack Wolfskin is happy to help. You can order a few sizes to see which shoes fit best (free shipping for orders over €100 in some countries). Then, you can take advantage of their free returns service to return the sizes that don’t fit!

Ready to buy?

Then jump right to the official product page!

Want to see more shoes, first?

They have tons of great options for every style and budget.

P.S. We might even have a discount for you if you ask nicely. 😉

Were you already familiar with Jack Wolfskin products? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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