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We have been traveling the world our entire lives; living with locals, learning from locals and laughing with locals wherever we go. Our experiences traveling as poor students and low-income professionals (often earning only one modest income between us) have led to our expertise in traveling on a budget. Striving to live like locals wherever we go means that we find the places and food that most tourists miss out on. With this blog, we provide new perspectives on destinations around the world to inspire would-be travelers and share insider tips to help everyone get the most out of their travel experiences.

Dianatempel Munich Germany

Munich Travel Tips

Munich is one of the most visited cities in Germany. Here, you will find all of the tips and tricks you need for your trip to the Bavarian capitol.

Ritzer Alm Kufstein Tirol Austria Österreich

Tirol – Austria Travel Tips

Tirol in Austria might be an expensive region, but not if you follow our tips! Read about where to stay, where to eat and where to hike for a cheap summer vacation in Tirol, Austria!

Sunrise over Frozen Lake in Lapland Sweden

Lapland, Sweden | Travel Tips & Stories

10+ years of travel experience in Lapland make us somewhat travel experts for this region. Read through the tips and stories we’ve collected over the years!

Aruba Beach Fisherman's Huts Boat in Water White Sand

Aruba Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Paradise is not reserved for the rich! Read about our tips for Aruba and learn everything you need to know about traveling on a budget to this beautiful Caribbean island.

Calton Hill Edinburgh for the best views

Edinburgh Travel Tips

One of the most beautiful cities in the world (according to her). Do not miss out on tips regarding where to stay, eat and go while in Edinburgh. Scotland can be expensive. We’ll show you some great, cheap alternatives.

One of the secrets in Bologna Italy


Disaster or Delight?
How chaotic can Italians be? Discover the beauty within the chaos and try to keep your sanity. The food helps!

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