This category contains all of our articles surrounding the topic of sustainable travel as well as useful travel gear that is sustainably produced or helps reduce your need for constant repurchasing.

Share Experiences with Printable Travel Coupons

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that shared experiences and time spent with friends and family is much more valuable than we ever realized. As we transition into 2021, we are still plagued by many of the same problems, but our perspectives are changing. Whether for financial or sentimental reasons, many people around the world …

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The Best Carbon Offset Program for Travelers

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If you’re going to offset your carbon footprint (and you should), then this is the program you should be using. Read here to find out why.

1 Simple Trick to Protect Your Valuables While Traveling

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Protecting your valuables while traveling is so much easier than you think. With this one simple trick, pickpockets won’t even try to rob you!

Air Travel & Climate Change | Who’s Really to Blame?

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Are tourists really at fault for air travel pollution? We show you how much of an impact you really have and what we all can do now to solve this problem.

How and What to Pack for a Trip | With Checklists!

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Packing for a world trip requires you to make lots of sacrifices. We’ve listed all of the essentials and how to pack them, here!

The Perfect All Weather Shoes for Travel, Hiking & Style

Best Travel Shoes Jack Wolfskin

These stylish shoes are still good as new after 7 months of daily use in every possible weather condition and long hikes over every type of terrain!

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